About me

My goal is to let you go to extremes to continuously push boundaries, whereby the desired goals that you have set for yourself can be achieved. I am ready to help every person with their own personal problems on their way.

I create

I create an environment in which you will emerge as the winner. You will also gradually learn the technical skills in martial arts. I myself learned at an early age that you should never give up and that discipline is the basis for enriching your life.

I help

I like to help people who want to get the most out of life and who want to achieve the right balance with body and mind. I believe without a doubt that in life you can have and achieve anything you want if you fight for it. 

"You should know that I demand 110% effort from myself and the people around me"

Chosen to learn boxing

Rest, Confidence and satisfaction

I have not had an average life myself and like almost every teenager I have also made my mistakes and wrong choices in life and had to fight for everything. From the age of 19, after being beaten up a few times, I chose to learn boxing from my uncle Chris Visser, which gave me a lot of inner peace, self-confidence, satisfaction and which also brought more wisdom with it. After a few years of boxing, I decided to delve more into military training and Muay Thai. I also visited Thailand several times to experience the real Muay Thai up close, which made me fall in love with this way of life step by step. I myself have been a fanatic martial artist for about 19 years and also a well-known face in the many boxing, kick and Thai boxing schools in The Hague or surroundings.

Why Munnie Trainingen
Afbeelding van Nicky bij scheveningse bos
Nicky bergopwaarts aan het hardlopen
Goodbye extra kilos!

Running in the forests, dunes, parks and training at home

From 2020-2021 there is a certain uncertainty in terms of stability and consistent training with regard to the volatile regulations. Because of this confused and annoying time, I could no longer find my way in my personal situation. After 11 months and 9 kilos heavier, I had to pick myself up again. In early 2021 I started running, dribbling and combined this with punch, knee, elbow techniques and military static exercises. With my 19 years of experience, I managed to create a balanced and perfected way, with which I was able to develop extremely hard and effective workouts, which got me back to my old weight in no time in a healthy way. More importantly, my physical and mental health gave me more joy than I ever expected.

For all ages
Munnie workouts

A mix of military, Muay Thai,
fitness and fullbody workouts

Munnie stands for making you stronger and immune to all the negativity around us that could weaken your body and mind. Outside in the cold or in the heat, in the woods or dunes, working hard on yourself is the most strong and efficient way to work on your immune system, mental strength, health and fitness. Nothing is nicer and healthier to push your limits in the open nature in the fresh green air and get to know yourself even better than never before. Would you rather train with me in an indoor professional Gym, that is of course also an option.