It is true that many young people and young adults in recent years increasingly run into depression, burn out, addictions or unfortunately threaten to go astray. Many sometimes see no way out and get stuck in a downward spiral that can sometimes result in a terrible drama, which could be filled in in its own way for each individual. Drill & Mental Coaching could provide a way out of this to invigorate the meaning of life again.

Re-educating doesn't sound quite right and often gives a negative image of the ultimate and desirable goal that you as a parent want to achieve with your child. Unfortunately, it is often associated with parenting or that it is by definition already considered a juvenile delinquent or lost, firstly, this is certainly not always due to the parents, because there are many factors at play in today's society, which unfortunately could prevent your child from making the wrong decisions.

In today's society, you as a person receive more and more impulses from the outside that can have a negative effect on youth / young adults, such as social media, friends, environment, relational atmosphere, traumas, the side effects that play a role in connection with the corona time and more. many other causes that could be involved. Which increases the likelihood of drug use, violence, lying, stealing, and risky sexual behavior. Problem behavior also requires re-education and sometimes behavioral assistance.

A quarter of young adults are gloomy and depressed due to the corona crisis

Almost one in six Dutch people over the age of twelve has been psychologically unhealthy as a result of the corona crisis in the past six months. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 are particularly affected: a quarter of them felt gloomy and depressed. This is apparent from a survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) among 10,000 Dutch people. Mental health is measured on the basis of five aspects: sadness, nervousness, being depressed, peace and calm and being happy.

Statistics Netherlands does not indicate why the Dutch have started to feel mentally unhealthier, but the cause is easy to guess. Previous research has already shown that the closure of schools, universities, discotheques and other entertainment venues has a negative impact on the mood of young people.

CBS - Statistieken jongvolwassenen somber en depressief

Source RTLZ / CBS

In this day and age it is also very important as often both parents have to work that there can be an eye on things by an independent third party who can speak the language of the teenager in question and can thus take him/her in tow. taking and by means of pep talks and a balanced trajectory, where the focus in nature combined with martial arts can have a motivating and balanced effect on body and mind.

As a Drill & Mental Coach who, as a guiding factor, knows how to map out a trajectory that will of course be different for each individual in order to achieve the desired result, is the goal I have in mind as a coach. I am a Drill & Mental Coach who goes for the result and does not want to worry about the clock and who wants to finish it as quickly as possible after 60 minutes. My vision is to build trust and a bond with the person in question and often know how to speak the language of the young people/young adults so that they will take more from me faster and more often than they will unfortunately listen to their parents, with the following The aim is to convey discipline, self-respect, standards and value and in doing so create peace where everyone can benefit from it.

In my past I was also one of the problem young people and therefore I know better than anyone how many mistakes I have made and want to pass this on to others who can still adapt themselves and could change in time in the most important time of your life.

The difference in a personal trainer and what I want to achieve with Munnie Trainingen as a Drill & Mental Coach is that I want to follow an entire trajectory with you with a 24/7 guiding factor and therefore become part of your life of conversations ( looking for a job / drawing up a resume etc) up to and including extremely exhausting physical outdoor training sessions. After all, it is about achieving the goal that you need as a person and that you know how to fulfill it according to your own wishes. It is also often the case that with a personal trainer you go fitness / training for an hour and thus close after exactly 60 minutes and this person is not really involved in your life for the rest, which is of course a choice and there is nothing wrong with it.

As a Drill & Mental Coach, I give a completely different twist to this, which the person in question must of course also be open to, because I really want to radically change your life and really want to grow you as a person in several areas, so that you can start your life again. full of positive energy and you can always let me know how you are doing after the process and I will always be a listening ear for you.

Munnie Trainingen is more than just training, it is caring for others with love and being able to assist him/her in what he/she needs you for in order to be able to get pleasure and joy out of life again.

1 on 1

I offer intensive 1 on 1 training courses with 110% personal attention to work on your skills in time slots of at least 30 minutes. It is also possible to participate in a fixed training package.

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Scheduling a training with a Drill & Mental Coach with friends, colleagues or acquaintances is also possible. A perfect way to work on your condition, sweating a lot and maintaining your strength together.

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