Many coaches often follow the same program or script, so that their pattern repeats. I like variety and see every workout as a unique opportunity to push you to the limit.

The program

My program is created after the intake interview to understand why you choose Munnie Training to assess your situation and gain insight into your goals and what you want to achieve.

A good match

If we are a good match and I think I can help you, I will choose a strategy that I think suits you best to get started as soon as possible after agreement and approval from you.

"I ask you to open your mind so that you can experience perfecting your own qualities in every aspect of your life"

Customized coaching and training

Your life will change drastically if you are ready

I approach every coaching process differently, simply because every person I work with is different and has a different goal in mind. Your training is completely tailor-made to your wishes and possibilities. I am also a coach who will be present in your life all the time we work together and will always be there for you.


Parts I can help you and support you with