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Munnie Trainings serve to ensure that you receive plenty of personal attention and that we can achieve the ultimate goals that you have in mind together. As a Drill & Mental Coach, I drag you into a world in which you are asked to the utmost in order to gradually surpass yourself. I don't necessarily see myself as a personal trainer since my methods are more focused on the mental level and as a coach I try to connect to a much broader package.

The focus is on outdoor training, but can of course also be done on location. I use 1 on 1 private training sessions focused on martial arts, such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai boxing where I want to teach you these sports from A to Z. I want you to teach these sports, as your experiences will gradually become more intensive, so that we will raise the ladder time and time again.

The difference with gyms

The difference is often at gyms in group settings that there is little attention for you and unfortunately you will not learn it well, with Munnie Training the full attention will be focused on you so that you really learn it right step by step. Technical skills are of great importance and should therefore be targeted.

As a Drill & Mental Coach, I am certainly not on the clock, which means that often a training could be delayed, of course, there are no extra costs involved, since I want to radically change your life and I have a passion for this way of living and working. After all, a Drill & Mental Coach must be able to motivate you and contribute to long-term behavioral change, but performance psychology is also very important for the very best coaching.

The advantages of Drill & Mental Coaching

One of the advantages of Drill & Mental Coaching is of course that you are helped in achieving your goals, whether you want to build more muscle mass, lose fat or feel stronger mentally. It is also nice to have a stick behind the door if, for example, you have too little self-discipline and find it difficult to go to a gym independently? Then a Drill & Mental Coach is definitely for you! The name says it all if you make appointments with your coach, it is often more difficult to cancel since these training sessions are already in your agenda, which makes this a big stick behind the door.

Why a Drill & Mental Coach at home? In general, many have a busy schedule and little time and in this way you can still train where and when you want, nice and easy. If you have small children, it might be nice that you are trained at home. If you would like to train immediately after work, the Drill & Mental Coach can also come to work or are you tired of working from home and do you just love to have a break at your corner in the forest, park or even the beach workout. The coach will come to the place where you feel comfortable, so that you can train in the environment that is familiar to you.

Through Munnie Training you get to know yourself better

I have 19 years of experience in combat sports including boxing, kickboxing, and Thai boxing and I am a well-known face in the The Hague area and know from experience that this could be the most effective way to achieve your goals that you have in mind. It will optimize your self-discipline, social skills, fitness, self-confidence, promote respect for others and also encourage conflict resolution without fighting.

Most people who will regularly undergo Munnie Workouts know that it is more than just a powerful full body workout. In addition to training your endurance, balance, reflexes, coordination and muscle strength, you also work on mental aspects during the Drill & Mental Coaching classes. Through Munnie Training you get to know yourself better: how you react to situations, what your pitfalls are, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can deal with them positively. Drill & Mental Coaching stimulates acting from focus, peace and strength, respect and discipline teaches you to take the plunge and to continue and ultimately gives you a good and satisfying feeling.


Are you, as a parent, seeing your child slowly slipping away? It is possible with my background to create a plan in which I, as a Drill & Mental Coach, could take him or her under my wing.

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Scheduling a training with a Drill & Mental Coach with friends, colleagues or acquaintances is also possible. A perfect way to work on your condition, sweating a lot and maintaining your strength together.

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