Are you, as a parent, seeing your child slowly slipping away? It is possible with my background to create a plan in which I, as a Drill & Mental Coach, could take him or her under my wing.

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1 on 1

I offer intensive 1 on 1 training indoor & outdoor or on location with 110% personal attention to work on your skills in time slots of at least 30 minutes. It is also possible to participate in a fixed training package.

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Scheduling a training with a Drill & Mental Coach with friends, colleagues or acquaintances is also possible. A perfect way to work on your condition, sweating a lot and maintaining your strength together.

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Scheduling your intake interview is completely free of charge and if multiple interviews are required, it is of course also free of charge as there is no rush.

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The training sessions can take place on location or in your house/building or in consultation in the nearest or desired piece of forest, park or dunes in the The Hague region.